The story of 1handPlate

1handPlate is a family-owned corporation that aims to develop functional service in a Nordic, sustainable and aesthetic design.

1handPlate is designed and developed by the Faroese architect Jóannes Petersen, who for almost a decade has aimed to create the perfect dish for receptions and gatherings.

The idea came to Jóannes in 2008 at a reception in Copenhagen. The guests were served a plate in one hand and a glass of wine in the other hand, but with both hands busy it is difficult to move around and greet people or exchange business cards etc.

Jóannes was puzzled that nobody has ever created a 1handPlate before so he went home to design the perfect plate for receptions shaped after one of the pilled prawns that had been lying on his plate.

The curved design enables the glass to stabilize in the center of the plate. That allows the owner of the plate to have a hand free to handshake, open doors or check mobile phone.

Jóannes got an overwhelming response at the launch in the beginning of 2017. Today Jóannes’ wife, children and in-law children are all involved in the company that aims to make 1handPlate a global brand in Nordic design.